You can’t take it with you!

That’s  true. It all starts when somebody leaves their home behind…

For well-over 30 years I’ve made it my life’s work to become a leading,  non-attorney authority on inherited California property,  tangled trusts and estates in chaos. In fact, my favorite thing is solving property puzzles.

On occasion, someone will be frustrated by a vacant, abandoned nuisance house (with a missing or deceased owner) and ask for help finding the owner or their families.

Every single one of these cases are important because living, caring people are affected. It’s my job to help remove the threats and obstacles that stand in the way of the joy of  being a homeowner.

Oh, and I’m really dedicated to supporting efforts to end the homeless problem that just happens to protect suburban California neighborhoods, too.

If you want to ride along with me, open the door, get in, buckle up and hold on…

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Title – Probate & Trust Loans for Executors, Administrators and Trustees with California real estate – a podcast about real estate title ownership puzzles and how they get solved. – perspectives and musings – Relevant, timely and newsworthy topics about California real estate, courts and our economy.

I dish up just the good stuff for you!