When Real Estate in Probate Starts Breaking Bad

By Rick Harmon, the California Probate Specialist True story: a real estate agent attempted to make a listing only to discover that the seller didn’t own the property, nor was the seller in any position to have any capacity powers to sell. The listing agent was a...

Taking the Misery Out of Probate: A New Blog

By Rick Harmon, the California Probate Specialist Does the world really need a probate blog? I don’t claim to know how to change the world, but if we’re talking about California, a lifetime of specialized real estate experience tells me, yes, there are people who can...

Hi, I’m Rick Harmon.

I’ve spent forty years untangling California property puzzles and probate conundrums. Yeah, I know. It’s pretty specialized. Finding something that you can do better than most is a sign that you probably shouldn’t ignore. I embraced it, and am really glad I did.

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